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SOLAS Chapter II-2 requirements (SOLAS Amendments 2000) that came into force in July 1st 2002 require Maintenance Plans for Fire Fighting Equipment to be provided onboard as per reg. II-2/14 and MSC/Circ. 850 and SOLAS Chapter III requires Maintenance Plans for Life Saving Equipment to be provided onboard as per reg. III/20, 36.

How do we Help?

We develop complete SOLAS Maintenance booklets in accordance with SOLAS and LSA CODE requirements regarding the proper planning and execution of LSA/FFE maintenance.

 In a fully comprehensive format, contains:
  • Instructions - all necessary information such as SOLAS requirements, maintenance procedure and routine tasks that should be followed in order to carry out the planned maintenance program effectively.
  • Forms, Checklists and Logs required for proper maintenance and inspection monitoring and control.
  • Records including inventory and maintenance records.