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Familiarization with the vessel and the procedures followed on board is one of the most important elements of the company’s Safety management system. It is the common requirement along with the implementation of the ISM Code and has to be proved every time with documented evidences.
  • It starts with the recruitment of seafarer who must be familiarized with pertinent matters of the company’s system.

  • It continues when seafarer boards ship, where he is required to undergo basic familiarization in accordance with STCW 95 Section A-VI/1 upon joining the ship.

  • Then, on assignment, the seafarer is required to undergo a ship specific familiarization as required by STCW95 Reg. I/14.

  • And finally it remains as obligatory requirement during seafarer’s service on board, where other regulations impose new familiarization & training requirements to comply with.

In order to comply with this everlasting procedure, the Company basically requires, manpower to handle familiarization processes, proper follow up procedures and systems for monitoring purposes through seafarer’s service time.




Maritime Logic undertakes the development and support of a ship specific familiarization process through its computer based application (the “Ship Familiarization” training series) according to each company’s requirements.

This training series (integrated with the Maritime Trainer application) incorporates the use of graphics, pictures, video, animation effects as well as any material relevant to the ship familiarization process. Training subjects can be any that the company already defines in its SMS, or additionally wishes to implement.


Main Features

Ship familiarization topics are categorized according to rank, so each rank is familiarized with matters relevant to his duties & responsibilities and general safety instructions.

Furthermore, rank specific knowledge assessments provide an indication on level of understanding for the subjects concerned.


Ship’s tour (aided by video, photos and/or animation) together with detail description of the following topics enhance information retention time.

  • Company’s management system description.

  • Emergency procedures & alarm systems.

  • Life saving appliances & Firefighting equipment.

  • Pollution prevention equipment.

  • Security equipment and procedures.

  • Shipboard drills.

  • Occupational Health & Safety.

In any case, additional or other topics can be incorporate to reflect the company’s actual familiarisation system, such as bunkering procedure, ballast water exchange, garbage management system etc.




Key benefits for the company

The main benefits for the company are primarily:

  • A significant reduction in time & costs for familiarization / training implementation.

  • The implementation of standard familiarization system for the company’s fleet.

  • Improve knowledge retention time for company’s requirements.

  • Easy monitoring of training results.

  • The ability of integrating additional familiarisation / training material as deemed necessary by the company at any time.

  • Training evidence to 3rd Parties (Class, Flag, Coast Guard, etc.).

  • Ensure that Manning Agents carry out familiarization requirements for new joiners and view results online, as per Company’s instructions.