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Existing SOLAS Chapter III requires Safety Training manuals to be provided onboard for crew training as per regulation III/19, 35, 37.

How do we Help?

 We develop ship’s specific safety training manuals for any type of ship, containing the following parts of instructions / information in illustrated and easily understood format together with SOLAS requirements Compliance matrix with sections in the manual for easy reference :
  • Use of personal life saving equipment
  • Muster list and emergency instructions
  • Operation of Lifeboats / Rescue Boats & Liferafts
  • Use of survival, detection & radio equipment
  • Survival procedures when at sea and use of life saving equipment
  • Hazards of exposure to cold environment
  • Medical emergencies at sea
  • Methods of rescue from helicopter
  • Emergency repair of life saving appliances
  • Abandon ship procedure, checklists, instructions, duties.