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Maritime Logic has developed the Maritime Trainer, a complete system able to monitor, assign, update, modify and analyse remotely the shipboard training activity at any time in accordance with each company’s training requirements.

The system is dynamically designed to keep training records from training activities such as computer based training modules and any training module developed by the company in PowerPoint   presentations. PowerPoint is worldwide accepted among other things, as an effective mean of training material presentation.


The Maritime Trainer comprises of two platforms: Ship and Office platforms, both equipped with database for storing and logging results scored by any individual user and with administrator’s functions.

The platforms may operate either on standalone computer or in local area network environment.

Office version platform

The Office version has two distinct modules:

  • The module Builder (MB) for developing, assign or modifying training material

  • The Training Monitoring System (TMS) for monitoring training performance and compliance with the training plan from each individual up to the whole fleet.

Module Builder (MB)

The module builder enables the person(s) responsible for the fleet training to setup the training plan (as it may be described in company’s relevant manuals) by assigning to each crew rank or office personnel, the following items (as applicable):

  • Computer based training library (developed by Maritime Logic) – (see Maritime CBT Library)

  • Company’s developed PowerPoint   files covering familiarization, operational instructions, and/or specific training procedures.

  • Generate company’s training assessments

The module builder has build-in tools that enable the importing of any PowerPoint   file into the training suite and assign it to training series and relevant module. PowerPoint   files undergo an automatic conversion by dedicated build in editor.

Furthermore the developing person has the ability to develop his own knowledge assessment quiz with multiple answers and attach any photographic material. Any material inserted in the program is monitored thereafter by the program automatically.

Apart from creating training modules, lessons & assessments, the developer may also:

  • Assign training modules to ranks

  • Create new training series and assign new modules

  • Create new ranks

In case that program is installed in local network environment (for example within office premises), the trainee can be notified on any amendment on his training program applicable for him.

Data of the electronic training plan are transmitted by email to ship version platform where they are imported for proper implementation.


Training Monitoring System (TMS)

The Training monitoring system is used by the person assigned for monitoring the training plan implementation.

The program provides results (in graphical & tabular format) for any trainee by module done & completion time, quiz performance per module and detailed performance for each question. Problematic areas can then be easily identified.

Historic performance can be easily retrieved from database and shown on the same manner.

TMS includes functions for monitoring the training performance onboard company’s specific ship, group of ships, or the whole fleet.


Ship version platform

In the ship version platform the Trainee, using the Maritime Trainer, has to follow up his rank specific training plan as set by the Office.

  • His progress and performance are automatically monitored and logged by the system.
  • The ship version platform provides status information to any user indicating the current performance, training subjects due and completed etc.
  • Senior officers (such as Master or Chief Officer) may transmit the results of crew personnel to the office.