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The Problem

Shipping Industry and the people within it, depend on the efficient movement of information to run their businesses effectively. Typical number of forms, to be forwarded per month, varies from 15 to 50 forms / vessel with several variations along different vessel types and management structures.


Maritime Forms

  • Optimize the processing of information in an enterprise like a shipping company, need the tools to efficiently automate their existing processes.

  • Maritime Forms offers a complete solution to three main problems that exist in shipping companies: data collection, data storage and data communication

  • Maritime Forms is a simple solution to an automated digital process, ensuring elimination of filling time, paper, printing, mailing etc and easiness on data tracking for auditing and communication exchange purposes.

  • Maritime Forms comes in two versions: Office version & shipboard version and is structured for LAN environment with a common database.

The Modules

Main modules



Maritime Logic Ltd. has developed a fully dynamic platform that can convert and create companies' paper forms in electronic format and bind them in a structured database automatically without human intervention.

Maritime Forms comprises of three main modules, each of them containing a set of utilities:
• Preparation module
• Monitoring module
• Communication

Preparation module



Form Filler/Editor:
It is the main system for filling / reviewing a form or data for them forms that have been sent from ship/office or forms for which actions have to be taken. Forms have been allocated into the categories: Deck, Engine, Safety, Security, Cargo, Crew,


Office and Environmental. Each category is related to maintenance, operation and management matters. Furthermore, the User may select the imported, exported, due and overdue forms categories for quick monitoring purposes. Forms can be printed, e-mailed, saved to database (either being local or remote), exported to file, etc

Review of a form by another user


After filling out of a form the data are saved in the central database of the system. Any user (who has access to the system) can review the form (at any time) and may add his comments / review for further action (evidence of review is required by the company’s Safety Management System)

Digital signature


Digital signatures can now be assigned to every user after filling out a form and cannot be altered ever since. A special module has been developed to enable user to add his own hand written signature into the program, and recall this signature upon completion of form’s filling. This enables the printing of the form to be exactly as the hand written form.

The signature is stored in the system (with a user unique security serial code) and is transmitted to the office by email together with form’s data for review and printing. More than one signature can be added (eg Chief Officer’s & Master) depending on form’s requirements. Please note that when the form has been exported and sent to the office signatures can no longer be added by the vessel.


Import/Export Utility



This utility provides a user friendly environment for importing / exporting forms’ data.
Exporting of forms data can be done either for a single form or in batch mode.
Importing of forms data received by Email can be done in the same way.
In both cases the main database is updated automatically and the users connected are informed via the program. Search utilities are incorporated.





Outbox shows the forms that have been completed by various users and have not been emailed yet.
It is a useful tool for the Master (or person responsible to handle the processing of the forms) to rapidly view any form data without however being able to alter them.

Monitoring module

Status Monitor


Due, overdue, requested, and all forms (including those without fixed reporting requirements) are listed in a simple tree format for each vessel.
By clicking on each form the user can view the due / overdue dates, the next dates for reporting, etc

Forms Data Log


Complete history of all forms for all categories, search by vessel within a time period.

Communication module

mySQL Database (Direct Communication)

Maritime Forms is connected to an SQL Database, any personal computer can be used as an SQL Server. If a network is present other workstations can connect to the computer acting as an SQL server. The result of this is direct communication of data between all workstations.  An example of this would be if a user saves a form all other workstations in the network will be automatically updated with this data

E-mail (Indirect Communication)

All the modules are connected to E-mail utility where forms’ data can be send by e-mail (single or batch mode via the default e-mail client) to remote stations

Additional modules

Users management utility

Users have access to the forms with edit or view rights according to their rank / position, for the ship(s) they are responsible to monitor. For example Technical dept personnel (at the office) or C/Eng (onboard) can be set not to have edit rights to deck forms or to have view rights or no rights at all.

Users can be added, edited or deleted by the Administrator(s) who have full rights in the application.

What makes this application unique?

  • Use of existing company's forms instead of generic templates

  • Stand alone installation or working in local network environment within office and / or ship

  • Easy document control update when a new form is being introduced/revised

  • Easy forms due/overdue management instead of just forms filling

What are the key benefits?

  • Prompt forms filing and follow up within a day instead of months

  • Low communication costs with low data transfer capacity

  • Easiest way to ensure 100% compliant document control instead of having MS Word with forms onboard

  • The whole package is extremely cost effective