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 IMO regulations II-2/20 and III/9 of SOLAS and IMO resolutions A.654(16) and A.760(18) state the mandatory compliance of all ships regarding the fire control & safety plans, as well as the list of symbols to be used in these plans.

ISO in close co-operation with IMO, developed standard ISO 17631:2002 “Ships and marine technology - Shipboard plans for fire protection, life-saving appliances and means of escape, providing fire protection symbols which generally conform to the corresponding symbols set out in resolution A.654(16).
These symbols are applicable for ships built after January 1 2004 (IMO Resolution A.952 (23) - 25-02-2004 Graphical Symbols for Fire Control/Safety Plans).

Ships built before January 1 2004, they have to update their plans in accordance with IMO resolutions A.654(16) and A.760(18)

How do we Help?

Maritime Logic uses CAD software, with knowledge of mandatory requirements for Fire Control & Safety Plans, required by SOLAS and Flag states, and offers full colour drawings.

Using a hard copy of the existing Fire control / Safety Plan and-or a General Arrangement drawing a computerised reproduction is made. From information given showing the location of equipment on board the vessel, the current symbols, notes and legend are inserted to satisfy the Class/Flag approval process.

On completion of the above work a draft copy is submitted back to client, for onboard verification and then final copies are delivered to the client for approval purposes.