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The maritime training environment

According to ISM, incremental improvements over time are required for the creation & maintenance of a safe & environmental friendly working environment. In this respect, training has gained an increasingly important role in view of the ISM Code requirements, STCW 95 rules and other regulations.

Gradually during the last years, various organisations within the maritime industry (eg Flag Administrations, Classification Societies, P&I Clubs ect) have focus on the area of training and developed training services (seminars or by developing computer based training applications) in this respect.
IMO STW Sub-Committee STCW (7/Circ.13 – 29/5/2002) has promulgated the issues to be considered by trainers, assessors and maritime administrations when integrating computer-based technologies (CBT) into the training and assessment of seafarers.

Furthermore, shipping companies have undertaken their accounting responsibility for training by developing / adopting familiarization and on the job training processes as well attending relevant seminars to meet compliance requirements.

Dry cargo sector has no increased (at the moment) specific training standards apart from those imposed basically by the company’s management system, PSC have left to monitor the crew performance on drills and the ability to understand & execute their duties & responsibilities at the most effective and efficient manner.

However for the liquid cargo sector, Intertanko has moved one step further and issued the Tanker Officer Training Standards (TOTS) to provide the tanker industry with a standard for tanker officer competences, onboard and shore training, “time in rank” and “time with company”, and also to ease the problems and difficulties that tanker owners are encountering with the different “officer matrix” requirements of certain charterers.

Maritime Logic training developments (Maritime CBT Library & Maritime Trainer)

Training is the development of skills or knowledge through instruction or practice. Training however, has to be continuously updated, communicated to people, implemented & performance of each person to be monitored within the office as well as shipboard environment.
Maritime Logic, being a company specialising in Computer Based Training technology for the maritime industry, has developed a complete training platform to meet the dynamically changing requirements of the maritime training environment.

The Maritime computer based training (CBT) library and its associated operation platform – Maritime Trainer - have been developed using the latest computer technology in graphics, animation, video and data transmission.
Now, Maritime Logic introduces to the maritime industry a dynamically expanded & customized training library and gives the opportunity to any Company to incorporate it into its own training system.

The Training library comprises of a set of training series, representing the training areas (themes). For example in the series “Bridge” we find all training matters (modules) that refer to Bridge personnel, equipment etc.

Each training series includes a set of training modules with their range of lessons. Each lesson has multimedia features to enhance trainee’s level of understanding. Each module has its own knowledge assessment for assessing the understanding on the lessons.

The questions are drawn randomly from a database of questions and the multiple choices are shown in a random order so as to ensure knowledge competence of the user.

The library runs under the Maritime Trainer platform on either standalone PCs or on a network server.