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General training requirements for all ships

Education and training are vital resources for the organization and the individual. Since, the far bigger tasks for the companies are training of seafarers, this obviously require substantial effort, dedication and expenses.

This is probably the one single factor which is more critical in the success or failure of the implementation of the Code.

However, organisational problems that companies may face, such as lack of ongoing training & familiarisation, and insufficient resources have as a result a complicated and slowed down implementation process of their system.

Nevertheless, all companies operating ships under the ISM Code have to comply with requirements stated in par. par 6.3 & par. 6.5. of the ISM Code.


Additional requirements for Oil, Chemical & Product ships

Additionally, for the tankers’ sector, INTERTANKO’s Tanker Officer Training Standards (TOTS) system (endorsed by INTERTANKO's Council at its meeting in March 2007) establishes a set of Tanker Officer Training Standards, which, when complied with, will ensure tanker officers’ competencies for general shipboard operations, as well as those for specific tanker types such as crude, product and chemical tankers.

TOTS is TMSA 2 compliant, such that the references to the TMSA sections in TOTS are referenced and applicable to TMSA 2.

As TMSA is referenced into the TOTS system, users should be aware that oil companies who do undertake TMSA office audits will probably be comparing these elements of the TOTS system against the TMSA applicable elements.

Company’s specific familiarization training series

Maritime Logic undertakes the development and support of a company’s based training system through its computer based training suite, according to each company’s requirements.

This training suite, (integrated with the Maritime Trainer application) incorporates the use of graphics, pictures, video, animation effects as well as any material relevant to the company’s management system in order to increase comprehension of company’s requirements and provide compliance against any company’s audit.

In cooperation with the company, a set of rank based training modules is developed according to company’s training plan and is inserted in the application.


Main Features

Company management system’s topics are reformed in an audio & visual process and categorized in set of training modules.

These modules are then categorized according to rank or office personnel position, so each trainee is shown with matters relevant to his duties & responsibilities.

Furthermore, rank/position specific knowledge assessments (company specific) provide an indication on level of understanding for the subjects concerned.

Indicative training subjects can be like the following set of training series, or as company’s SMS requirements.

  • Policies

  • Procedures

  • Instructions

  • Contingency plans

  • Security matters

  • Environmental protection matters

  • Additional instructions / guidance from relevant manuals.

  • Company’s training videos are incorporated in the modules.


Furthermore additional modules can be inserted from our maritime CBT Training library to support the company’s training scheme associated with their relevant assessments.


In case that Company wishes to incorporate training material in a simple layout, it can do that, by simply importing relevant files (in MSPowerpoint format) through the built-in editor/ converter utility into the system and built its own assessment exercises.


Training results (from all modules) are stored in a powerful database and can be send to the office via email or online where it can be viewed and printed or viewed by trainee name, rank, ship etc.


Key benefits for the company

The main benefits for the company are primarily:

  • A significant reduction in time & costs for familiarization / training implementation.

  • An effective and efficient system of training and improving the competence of ships’ & office staff.

  • The implementation of standard company’s training system for the office & fleet.

  • Improve knowledge retention time for company’s requirements.

  • Easy monitoring of training results.

  • The ability of integrating additional training material as deemed necessary by the company at any time.

  • Training evidence to 3rd Parties (Class, Flag, Coast Guard, etc.).

  • Ensure that Manning Agents carry out familiarization requirements for new joiners and view results online, as per Company’s instructions.

  • Fixed annual price at the 1/3 of existing similar packages.