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The problem of harmful aquatic organisms in ballast water was first raised at IMO in 1988 and since then IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), together with the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) and technical sub-committees, have been dealing with the issue, focusing in the past decade first on guidelines and then on developing the new convention.


The International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships Ballast Water & Sediments was adopted by consensus at a Diplomatic Conference at IMO in London on Friday 13 February 2004 but is not in force yet.

Meanwhile, IMO Guidelines, that have to be followed for the development of ballast water management plans are:

IMO Resolution A.868 (20), adopted on 27 November 1997 Guidelines for the control and management of ships' ballast water to minimize the transfer of harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens.

MEPC Resolution 127(53) adopted on 22 July 2005 Guidelines for ballast water management and development of ballast water management plans (G4).

Note that in IMO Resolution A.868 (20) it is, among others, recommended that a Ballast water management plan be prepared for every vessel that carries ballast water.

How do we Help?

Development of a ballast water management plan in accordance with IMO Resolution A.868 (20), MEPC Resolution 127(53), and in line with current Class / Flag additional requirements for approval.
  • Ballast management plans are delivered in 3 copies (One (1) for Office, one (1) for vessel & one (1) for Class/Flag approval records.
  • Review of existing ballast water plans to be inline with current regulations in force.
  • Calculation of acceptable intermediate stages of loading and unloading ballast water in open sea (sequential exchange of ballast water) using ship’s approved loading software.
  • Pressure drop calculation in air pipe arrangements, when applying the flow-through method.
  • Development of a handy to use Ballast Water Handling Log
  • Instructions for the implementation of Ballast Water Management Plan.