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There is a wide range of application when using the Maritime Training Library. Each shipping company has its own training standards, so we list some of the most common training requirements applicable for most companies:

Common areas of application:

Training Plan,& personnel performance monitoring

Every company has its own training plan as derived for ISM requirements. This plan is usually built upon off the self products which do not fully apply to the company’s requirements or ship’s specifications and many times the plan is based upon the company’s safety management system requirements lacking implementation methods and measurement of results.

The Maritime Training Library provides a range of modules that can be assign to relevant personnel as per company’s training Plan (For example Deck personnel is assigned to Rank specific modules and its performance is measured and communicated to the office for monitoring purposes)


Training modules

Tools incorporated in the Maritime Trainer platform enable company’s assigned training personnel to develop a company specific training plan (or keep the existing) based on incorporated training modules or company’s developed training material. Maritime Logic provides regular updates by introducing new modules on a regular basis at no cost to Maritime Trainer clients.


Office personnel

Continuous knowledge improvement is a “must” in today’s shipping industry. Office personnel require to be competent and provide solutions on a daily basis problems. Equipment operation, company’s procedures, maintenance requirements are some of the areas (but not the least) that competence and knowledge required.

Maritime Training Library provides a range of services (based on the Maritime Trainer platform) to provide company specific training solutions for office personnel. Similarly the company can incorporate its own series of office training suite at no cost and effort.


Crew Familiarisation & training

Crew familiarisation is the most common training requirement in all companies and the most common deficiency by the PSC. Maritime Logic has developed training module (that are included in the Maritime Trainer) to cover this training requirement.

In addition to this, each company using the Maritime Trainer, may incorporate ship specific training requirements using material from its ship’s manuals.


Competency assessment

Knowledge assessment by the form of multiple questions is widely accepted (during seminars or computer based training) as the method for assessing competency.

Maritime Trainer provides a range of such assessments for all of its modules and furthermore enables each company to incorporate its own in the same way.

In both cases the results are stored in database for monitoring through statistical built in suites.


Industry specific requirements & new regulations

Identification of training needs through industry standards & company requirements is required in any safety management system. The library presently covers training for Dry cargo vessels and Oil Tankers.


Dry cargo vessels

Maritime CBT Library for Dry Cargo ships provides a complete training system which can be used to cover requirements of any safety management system.


Tanker ships

Maritime CBT Library for Tanker ships has been developed to meet these standards and provide a complete solution for the training officers to meet the requirements for the “time with company” modules.



Application benefits

  • Standard training system for fleet and Office
  • Tracking of training needs
  • Record keeping for all crew
  • Statistics module for historic performance results
  • In time training results enabling thus any remedy action to be taken in-time

Trainee’s benefits

  • Trainee may complete at his own free time
  • Self guided application & easy usage

Company’s benefits

  • Company can setup its own training plan
  • Transferable licenses for ships that entering fleet
  • Create specific training cases for knowledge assessment
  • Concrete evidence of training to 3rd Parties (Class - Flag - PSC)
  • Training in place any time
  • Knowledge of crew training needs in advance

Updates & Cost benefits

Maritime CBT library can be updated by both, Maritime Logic & the Company depending on the developed training modules. Furthermore, Maritime Logic undertakes the development of specific modules for a company under separate agreement.

Maritime Logic provides regular updates for the cbt library & upgrades with new versions for the Maritime Trainer at no extra cost. Cost efficient since Maritime trainer solution can save up to 75% of training costs budget